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Types of press release information

When a person or organization decides to write something related to news, an event, a product or personality to inform a target sector or public, and send the information packet through existing channels, this is known as a press release.


Press releases are public relations tools (there is s difference between these two PRs). Press release (the first PR) is partly the result of a broader public relations (the second PR) services that include publicity package services, multimedia services, web-based distribution, social media services, Press release distribution and PR services.  

press release distribution

Types of press release distribution vary and may include not only the print format but multimedia formats as well that have become popular with the advent of social media.


Whereas before, only a handful of popular press release publishing websites were available like New York Times, Reuter newswires, the Associated Press, and Agence France Presse, today there are numerous organizations with websites that accept press releases for publication.


Essentially and by convention, there are six types of press releases.  These are:


Launch Press Release: This type of information packet is similar to a general news release concerning format, but it is intended to get the attention of people on a special event known as “a launch.” The press release has a sense of urgency and excites the reader about the launching of an idea, a product, a system, a company, a concert or an advertising blitz.


General News Release: These are news information that has to be distributed to the media organizations and personnel, the purpose of which is to generate interest, coverage, and exposure for the company that distributed the press release. A car manufacturing company may test its latest car model by issuing a press release that presents the vehicle with additional features and a “come-on” incentive.


Executive or Staff Announcement News Release: This type of PR usually involves a staff change in the company especially if the change affects relatively high management position. The executive press release is created by the company and may contain personal as well as biographical information to support the data. An executive or staff announcement PR may include photo or photos of new staff or executives.  This types of PR may be considered a personality enhancer.

press release distribution

Product Press Release: This refers to a press release that presents a new product with specifications with the end-in-view of getting positive public support, or a good review.   A product press release is usually distributed to both primary and secondary media outlets that can re-publish the PR click here for more info.  


Event Press Release: An event press release describes the 5Ws and one H, namely: who, what, when, where, why (and sometimes how). An event PR may look like a list or outline of sets of information instead of having paragraphs. An event press release is created with the expectation that the distribution agent will make the event known to the public.  Event press releases have more impact when published in both print (national newspaper) mode and web mode using social media.


Expert Positioning Press Release: This type of press release focuses on a company position and supported by facts and other details like statistical data. It may also include news from another organization and additional supporting information. A more extended version of the Expert Positioning Press Release is the “white paper” popularly published on the web.

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